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Wolff LDP Sp. z o.o. provides cardboard laminating services for the production of packaging in numerous industries, including the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and advertising industries. Lamination is one of the best-known methods of enriching print. The process consists in applying a thin layer of film to the surface of the material. The film enriches the surface so that it gains higher moisture resistance, improves its mechanical performance or enhances visual effects. Lamination is a barrier that protects the surface from external factors, like water or grease. For these reasons, it is often used to protect the inside of a cardboard packaging. As a result of laminating, film-coated cardboard or paper has a better mechanical resistance and its surface is stronger and more resistant to abrasion. The product has a longer life span, and the print is enhanced and pleasing to the eye. At our company, we use three lamination technologies: thermal lamination, water-based lamination using dispersion adhesives and solvent-less lamination (PUR glues) using reliable, highest-quality materials. For lamination, we use BOPP, PET and PE films, as well as special films, including acetate films and textile films.

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